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At the intersection of financial strength and true partnership


The Heart of the Deal

New World Fuel goes beyond conventional product trades to deliver comprehensive, financially-savvy solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our global trading partners stand ready to help structure diverse deals, seamlessly delivering a unique blend of petrochemical products, credit lines and physical movements.

By partnering with NWF, you cut right to the heart of the deal — the kind that infuses your business with the right commodities and capital for today and tomorrow. Our specialized financial know-how and world-class resources, supported by a solid foundation of trust and reliability, make navigating complex trade transactions pain-free. Let us help you secure deals that will energize your business.




Proven Financial Strength

$100M USD in established credit with more than 50 suppliers, banks and other institutions

NWF empowers growth-oriented clients as they expand and plan, keeping an eye on the ever-evolving market landscape. Whatever your stretch goal may be, our proven financial strength removes obstacles to get you there fast by directly accessing top-tier lines of credit from some of the world’s most trusted institutions.

Product and Financial Trades

Integrated product and financial trades to meet any combination of critical business requirements

The trading arm of NWF offers a centralized yet cross-functional approach. Just as the arteries of the heart pump blood to all the body’s organs, our single source for dynamic product and financial trade strategies circulates product and/or monetary support to every division of an organization in need of an infusion. This is the life force that helps companies thrive in a competitive business environment.

Wide-Ranging Deal Structuring Expertise

The guidance you need to structure the most effective trade transactions with confidence

There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to structuring a successful deal. Our highly trained financial professionals are qualified to assess your specific business objectives, and then apply a wide range of expertise to recommend suitable trade transactions for reaching those objectives. The result is targeted relief that flows to vital areas of the organization, filling gaps wherever deficiencies may lie.

Financial Fuel for Growth

NWF places you at the heart of petrochemical progress with the financing needed to expedite your business growth today. Our innovative, flexible solutions allow you to immediately unlock critical opportunities and drive sustainable growth, whether you’re a customer or supplier.

Let’s discuss how our financing solutions can inject new life into your business.

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Achieve a Steady Supply

Learn how NWF uses advanced logistics to ensure timely delivery in a rapidly-changing market.

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Secure Vital Goods

Explore an extensive range of hydrocarbon derivatives that fuel our customers’ operations and growth.

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