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Where integrity never skips a beat


Fueling Innovation, Powering Progress:
We Are the Pulse of the Petrochemical Industry

A leading international supplier and distributor, New World Fuel is the heart of the petrochemical industry. Just as the heart works tirelessly to supply key nutrients throughout the body, we seamlessly connect global customers with vital goods that fuel their operations and our industry’s future. We deliver hydrocarbon derivatives ethnically, reliably, economically and with a true partnership mentality — because that’s the commitment our customers deserve, no matter the economic conditions or supply dynamics.

Founded in 2015, NWF is headquartered in Houston with strategic locations worldwide. Our vast international network is home to growth-minded operators, skilled traders, long-standing suppliers, leading financial institutions and trusted transportation providers. Like the heart and its system of blood vessels and arteries, we work across our network to deliver critical resources at precisely the right time. Agility, reliability and integrity are in our DNA.


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at The Heart of The Petrochemical Industry

Partners With Integrity at the Core

The heart never skips a beat, and neither does our integrity. Our commitment to excellence, innovation and customer centricity drives every aspect of our business, positioning us as leaders in the global petrochemical trade.

Our Vision

To be the heart of petrochemical progress. More than an analogy, this core vision fuels our approach to delivering vital goods ethically, reliably and economically across a pulsing global network.

Our Values

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Integrity is the foundation of our relationships. We view each commitment as a promise, and we honor those promises with clear, transparent actions.

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By actively encouraging creative thinking and new ideas, we foster a culture where each challenge is an opportunity for innovation.

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We believe in the power of teamwork. We promote a culture of unity and solidarity, because each team member plays a vital role in our collective success.

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We respond quickly to the needs of our customers and partners, using clear and efficient communication to build strong long-term relationships.

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We set a high benchmark for excellence in every pursuit. We encourage continuous learning and personal development to ensure our team always goes above and beyond.

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Customer Centricity

We’re driven by relationships, not transactions. The foundation of NWF’s culture, our unwavering commitment to customer service shapes every decision and action.

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We treat all individuals with respect and dignity. Each team member is a source of strength and innovation, and we’re committed to fostering a culture that embraces their diverse perspectives.

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We are agile and flexible. We adjust quickly to ever-changing trends, market dynamics and technologies, proactively seeking new solutions that keep our customers one step ahead.

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Social Responsability

We are committed to making a positive impact on society. This commitment extends from our business operations to our philanthropic initiatives, which reflect a deep sense of responsibility toward our broader community.

A Story of Global Growth

Over the last decade, NWF has consistently set a new benchmark for trading and distribution. Growth has always been at the heart of our story, and we’re passionate about continuing this upward trajectory alongside our customers and partners. Through each milestone, we’re guided by unwavering integrity.


  • NWF is established in Houston, Texas
  • NWF begins trading waterborne petrochemicals from Asia to the U.S.


  • NWF’s trade reaches 100,000 metric tons annually
  • NWF initiates the distribution and sourcing of hydrocarbons from Canada to the U.S. and abroad


  • NWF establishes its Hong Kong and Geneva offices to support trading and trade finance, respectively
  • NWF secures supply agreements with 20+ oil and gas facilities and distribution hubs across 30+ countries


NWF’s annual trade volume reaches 500,000 metric tons across its NGL and petrochemical business units


  • NWF expands to five global offices and 35 employees worldwide
  • NWF obtains licenses and permits to trade NGLs and petrochemicals globally via rail and waterborne vessels


  • NWF’s annual trade volume reaches 1 million metric tons
  • NWF secures numerous multi-year contracts with significant market suppliers
  • NWF expands into international waterborne propane trades with Trafigura, a multinational commodity trading company


NWF’s petrochemical division is on track for 2X growth in 2024, supported by trading activity across more than 30 products.


Our Executive Team

Our leadership team is home to diverse industry veterans with a shared vision for customer centricity.

Stephen Hoyer

Chief Executive Officer

Guillermo Torre

Director of Trading

Esteban Benavides

Director of Operations

Our Expert Traders

Our global traders bring unmatched experience to the NWF team, unlocking new levels of value for our customers and suppliers.

José Flores

Director of Petrochemicals

Michael Angiolillo


Grant McSwain


Jing Bon Kwan

Director of Asia

Simon Ho


Koey Ng

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