Who We

We are a wholesale supplier and marketer of liquid petroleum gases, refined products i.e. gasoline and diesel, petrochemical downstream commodities and other hydrocarbon products such as solid fuels.

New World Fuel's mission is to provide fuel options to the existing and emerging energy market in Mexico by providing commercial clarity and access to worldwide suppliers. We are a logistics company serving corporations worldwide from our back office in Monterrey, Mexico. We offer our partners an integrated added value for supply chain service through low overhead and administrative costs.


Building relationships and demonstrating commitment with partners.

To achieve not only sustainable relationships but thriving relationships by creating reliability not dependency.

Passion and sustained persistence applied toward long-term achievement, with no particular concern for rewards or recognition along the way.

At the end of the day all of our actions are to be guided by respect and reciprocity.

Ability to define challenging goals.

Our History

New World Fuel began in Houston in 2015 with a focus in petrochemical products. After its first year, NWF broadened its product portfolio exponentially mainly due to market opportunities and geographical arbitrages. Over the last 6 years, we have grown to over 40 employees servicing hundreds of different counterparties across the world. The experience from these years has truly shaped the foundation of NWF, our operations and logistics team. We consider ourselves expert service providers of rail, truck, waterborne, pipeline and logistics and measure our success through the constant feedback and evaluation.


NWF founding and beginning of operations



NWF starts importing hydrocarbons from Canada



NWF becomes NGL industry leader distributing petroleum based fuels from +20 refineries and to +15 receiving transloading terminals



The Hong Kong and Geneva offices established as trading and trade finance support respectively



Refined products team consolidates and becomes industry leader in Mexico by securing supply agreements from more than 18 different refineries and distributed to over 25 different countries



The solid fuels and asphalt division is created and Hedging consultancy established in partnership with Brazil and U.S. firms



Petrochemical expansion sales into South America originating from Asia and Europe



NWF’s growth can be seen through 3 areas: Assets, Trading Portfolios, and Vertical Integration (i.e. own transportation company).

Company Growth

Volume (Thousands of Metric Tons)