We adapt to the market conditions and to our customer’s needs.


In order to provide better services to its customers, New World Fuel has developed logistics structures adapted to each of its markets. Logistics management is a key activity and core competence in our business. Our expertise covers multiple modes of transport, including railcars, barges, and both dry bulk and liquids vessels.

Our Proficiency

Our Binders


Inherent to our business we provide various forms of financing to our customers and suppliers. We participate in prepayment arrangements, secured financing structures, and provide open account terms. The sales growth trend can be traced directly to the addition of business units in each of the years presented, propane operation as a stand-alone for 2018, the incorporation of the refined products trading division for 2019 and the chemicals and transportation division addition in 2020. The expenditure line has seen a consistent-with the operative requirement growth and has settled into a well-known and planned structure governed by the growing needs of the company.

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Risk Management

We manage various risks in our operations, including price risk, credit, liquidity and operational risks. The goal of our process is to minimize costs for our suppliers and customers, while reducing uncertainty inherent in the commodity trade flows we handle